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Elementary School Products

Core Math Insight: More efficient learning with significantly increased accuracy, understanding and fluency.  Learn more...


Secondary School Products

Algebra Insight: A unique method for developing mastery with some of the most problematic Algebra concepts.  Learn more...


People Are Talking!

"Insight’s Adaptive Learning software figures out, for each student and each problem, the best next problem to give the student to make learning as efficient as possible. And their Perceptual Learning technology is the first program that teaches students to actually 'see' patterns and solutions." - Middle School Math Teacher

How schools use Math Insight

Our products use both Adaptive and Perceptual Learning; that's why they work so well

We didn't just read some research papers and then develop products, we have been at the forefront of researching how the brain learns for over twenty years; and we have incorporated the latest from Cognitive Science into our Perceptual Learning Modules.

Adaptive Learning

While the term Adaptive Learning is widely used, our patented Optimal Sequencing Algorithms dynamically adjust content based on student proficiency. By measuring both fluency and retention, we have created a uniquely efficient learning experience. Student progress is incredible and unprecedented. Learn More...

Perceptual Learning

Perceptual Learning is the process where students learn to recognize key features and patterns. Insight Learning Technology brings to education the first learning software of its kind - products that apply Perceptual Learning to some of the toughest math challenges for K-12 students. Learn More...

If you are interested in helping your students efficiently master Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, or Algebra, you should consider applying for our Early Adopter program.